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    2. Jinhua J & K Import and Export Co.,LTD
      Professional PPE Products Supplier
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        Jinhua J & K Import and Export Co.,Ltd specialized in PPE products production and supply: Safety harness, safety belt, lanyard, Reflective Safety Vest, safety helmet, safety respirator, safety shoes, safety googles, safety gloves, Protective earplugs, ear muffs, traffic management, hand tools,construction hardware and so on......


        Jinhua J&K Import and Export Co., Ltd is located in jinhua city, zhejiang province, China. It is 340KM from Jinhua to Shanghai. 200KM to Hangzhou airport. 200KM to Ningbo port, 60KM to Yiwu airport. Also Jinhua is a very beautiful city.

        Our strengths are the ability to listen, to build long-term relationships, continued investment, innovation, quality and value.

        Since founded J&K has met the Fall Protection needs of companies in diverse industries throughout the world. Whether you need basic equipment, like a harness and shock absorbing lanyard, for rooftop or construction applications, or an engineered fall protection system, J&K can meet your needs.

        We look forward to the challenges that stand before us and appreciate in advance your continued support of our company and our reliable safety products.



      To protect human lives from hazards of the work place or wherever they are at risk of injury.

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