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    2. Jinhua J & K Import and Export Co.,LTD
      Professional PPE Products Supplier
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       Cutomised Sercive

            J & K also provide additional service for our customers to experice,so that they can find the feature in J&K,understand our faith and principle.

       Customised & Creative Design.

      ??* Product customised is the key to improve the image of company,.it includes the individule style,and the package expressing company's failth.
      ??* Understand the competition situation,good package means that better quality,better profit.Therefore we offer GRAFIC DESIGN for our cutomers,including the ourside packing, catalogue ctc.

       Perfect the details

          * "GOD is in the details".

          * Very details need to be confirmed carefully with you before contract. We do what we can do and keep our promises.


          * Lowest rate-whatever FOB or CIF,or other trade term,we will give you the lowest safest shipping company.

          * Real-time Freight Cost Culcualte.

          * Global shipping.


            Our customer cooperated with us could receive our Special Feedback Card, which cover each aspect of item and serivce. When each order is over, we will perfect our job according.


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